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AMericans dead from covid-19 

COVID has killed more People in America than Any Other Country

But America is Also Leading the World in Vaccinations

USA Vaccination Rates since January 2021:

5x Better than China

   25x Better than RussiA

Latest data

Total Reported US COVID cases



Total US COVID Deaths



More Americans have Died of COVID than in WWi, WWii, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the American revolution


America is leading on the solution

American-made COVID Vaccines are

the safest & most Effective Vaccines

The world wants Vaccines made in America

We're leading the world in vaccination rates

Over 50%

of Americans are vaccinated

The facts

get your local data

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Find your state's data


"Coronavirus affects virtually nobody."

-President Trump 

"COVID will go away...we're rounding the turn."

-President Trump 

"I wanted to always play it down."

-President Trump 

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